Individual virtual forest bathing

Forest Bathing virtual individual

We have created this online activity to accompany you on a walk towards your deepest nature. A trip that we will take together but in privacy.

We offer an experience to accompany you telematically in your connection, doing it in a very special way and with a lot of love so that even when using a virtual medium you have the feeling of being very close and very connected.

We want that, despite using technologies and screens to be together, these are only the means, the tool, but that the important thing is what we achieve with them, which will be being able to enjoy a quiet moment of full connection and awareness. and where time stops.

There will be moments to play, others to be silent, others to feel and if you want another to share what you feel deep inside of you. We will strengthen the bonds:

  • With the rest of nature.
  • With the world.
  • With yourself.

This experience wants to take you to that place between the known and the unknown, between comfort and discomfort, between the controlled and the wild. A safe place where you can explore yourself and where we will not leave you alone.

We want to recover your instinct, your natural way of relating to and exploring the natural world, your ability to play and be distracted without having any goal to achieve.

We want to give you time, love and dedication. A time without rush, without set times, without expectations, without objectives.

As we offer a very personalized service, we need you to contact us to know what you want and need and thus be able to offer you an experience that is best adapted to you and your moment.