Traveling makes you learn:

Traveling is the best way to gain knowledge, because learning, feeling a new world, opens your mind.

Travel connects you:

Traveling connects you to the land you walk through, to the people you find and to yourself. Traveling is enjoying and sharing, but travel is also for us, being at peace with silence and loneliness.

Traveling makes you aware
Because it allows you to live your reality and what surrounds you with time and dedication. It helps you to perceive the world with greater awareness.

Viatjar t´activa
Because you know the world and you see its different realities and and the uses we make of nature in other places, and all this opens your eyes and makes you to come back with more strength and desire to fight for a better world.

Traveling shakes your mind, your soul and your heart..

From Biotop natura we are organizing sylvicultural journeys. We want to approach the most emblematic forests in the world. Autonomous relics of an extinct present. Old forests, sacred forests, backwood forests. Autenic temples where the trees witness great moments, house of many people, rich ecosystems that unite heaven and earth. Authentic monuments to worship and protect.


CANADA. WILD LAND. Journey with Signatus

Wine and Training We approach the wild nature of the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia following a thread running through: the Canadian wolf.

Signup open to 7 seats

Turn 1:
22 August 1 September
Turn 2:
31 August 10 September
10 days

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Cancelled this year 2021 by Covid



Get to know the gardens and their history. Visit and connect with them, their legends and stories, its creators, with its users... We invite you to come and walk through them, becoming one element more or one being more of their beauty.

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We perceive travel as a tool of knowledge, connection and conservation.