We help you to create and maintain an ecological garden that has room for the whole of Natura

Verd'Angel was established in 2004, as a pioneering and specialist in xerogardenry and ecological gardening, with Isabel Verdaguer and Eduard Angel as founding partners.

Since 2017, it has become part of Biotop Nature, dedicated to an increasingly sensitive gardening with Nature, which enhances the native fauna and flora, which strives for a respectful pruning, which studies the needs of the plant, which attempts to minimise the consumption of plant protection products, and which invites people to understand the plant world and to love it.

Green deAngel Services:

  • Garden Design
  • Maintenance of green spaces, estates, and urbanizations with ecological criteria.
  • Cleaning up forests, prioritising native plants, specimens of old trees, respecting the breeding sites of animals...
  • Rational stones, avoiding excessive pruning and respecting the physionomy of each species.
  • Routing Routes.
  • Realization of recreational spaces, such as picnic areas, paths...

Angel Green designs offer:

  • Long-term economic life
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Sheep water consumption
  • Sizable plants
  • Jardins in harmony with environment
  • Sustainable and enduring Gardens
  • Christleless Gardens
  • Utilisation of biological agriculture techniques.
  • autòctonli>Potition of the indigenous fauna
  • Create spaces in the peace garden and personal connection
Put plants in your life!!