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Biotop Naturais an entity made up of people specialized in different fields of work who have a multidisciplinary and integral view of Natura.

This focus, without ever losing global sense, is its differential trait. A long experience with Natura has aloud us to build this project.

Biotop Natura has been registered since 2017 in the Associations register of the Generalitat of Catalonia, with NIF G55311609.

Isabel Verdaguer Foz

Biotop Nature Founder

Isabel Verdaguer Foz (Barcelona, 1975) owes the person who is to a life project of her parents, who made her to be surrounded by nature since she was a child.

Rebuilding an ancient mountain house in the Pre-Pyrineum (where she spent long periods of time writing, reading, hear, and respecting Nature) was her first large school.

After wishing to approach nature from different angles she stared making hiking and alpinism as well as observing the landscape, animals and plants. Gradually she learned to read the forest, observing footprints, tracking and studying biology and animal behavior.

Beeing very interested on plants, she deepened the way in which they communicate and feel and their profits.

Initially Diplomad in Tourism, she also studied Technical Gardening and Landscape and a Postgraduate in Public Green Space Management.

Her passion for animals also led her to become an veterinary assistant, as well as to receive training at the Mona Foundation on animal ethology.

Her vocation for the plant world led her to enroll in different courses at Tel-Aviv University (Coursera) on biology, behavior, senses and plant communication.

In 2016 she became Forest Therapy Guide for the Forest Therapy Association in California.

She completed the postgraduate degree in spiritual meanings and values of Nature at the University of Girona (UdG), and In 2021 she obtained her Gestalt Therapist degree.


Emmett Coriat

Advisory member of Biotop natura, especially in the field of forest baths

Born in Montreal, Emmett Coriat is a passionate person, who lives with great intensity, a training pharmacist and entrepreneur in a large number of projects, decides to make a change to her life to move from the business world to the world of Nature and Health, specializing in corporations.

His relationship with the world of health, his training in the business world, coupled with his current knowledge of Natura and his training at the ANFT school as Forest Therapy Guide, make him a very good Forest Therapy Guide specialized in coorporations.


Blanca Martí Ahumada

Member of Biotop natura, in charge of scientific illustration

Blanca Mart. Ahumada studied History of Art at the University of Barcelona and is a vocational naturalist . She trained as an illustrator at the School of Women and specialized in scientific illustration through several courses at the University of Barcelona and the University of Valencia. She continues to train as a painter.

She makes illustrations for various publications at a National and international level: scientific and informative books in Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua among others, as well as posters for natural parks and wildlife reserves.

In the teaching field she is coordinator of the Postgraduate of Scientific Illustration of the University of Girona and the Foundation for Higher Studies of Olot and Professor of the Primary Master of the Mona Foundation and the University of Girona.

But Blanca, above all, she is a passionate women about animals, and nature in general, and we can see it on each of her individual brushstrokes.


Eduard Angel Sanchez

Member of Biotop natura, specialized in relations with public administrations and with political entities

Born in Barcelona 8 May 1972

He lives in an old and typical Catalan farmhouse., located in Amer, Girona.

Academic level: Political Science and Sociology.

Related courses: Environmental pollution technician 1994 Nereo, Problematic of the forests Mediterranean area 1995 UdG, Economy and Environment 1995 UdG, Natural Site Protection. Legal regulation 1996 UdG, Eco-Economy and Political Ecology 1997 UdG, Law 3/98 on Integrated Administration 1998 UdG.

Other studies: A technical gardener. Esp. Gardener Ecological 2002 Esc. Cass..

In 2004 he entered the city council of Caldes de Malavella where he carried out several environmental initiatives as a promotion of recycling, renewable energies and protection and cataloguing of monumental trees, protection of native turtle habitat and areas of natural interest.

Thanks to his work Caldes de Malavella was the first municipality in Girona to sign the letter of Aalborg, development, moreover, a sustainable development plan, Agenda 21.

He later started the research and cataloguing of the monumental forests of Catalonia with Jaume Hidalgo, who promoted the current association of Selvans.


Raquel Toisón

Member of Biotop natura specialized in the development of images and creative campaigns

Raquel Toisón currently works at the Barcelona City Council, in the department of gardening and sustainability.

Raquel from a very young age has been fascinated by nature, representing for her knowledge, generosity, beauty and a welcoming.

She practice i hiking, make walks through the forest, goes in nature to hear her sounds, receives her energy that helps her to disconnect from stress and to awake her senses.

She is studying Fine Arts at the UB, developing an art always in relation to Nature, incorporating plant elements.

When she works with art and nature together, Raquel tries to put in the work the values that nature gives her, resilience and improvement..


Charles Oppe

Member and ambassador of Biotop natura in Madrid

Graduate University of East Anglia (UK)

Founder of GAP Spain (NGO, 1996)

Climate reality

Qualified as a Forest Therapy guide by the ANFT (Natural Forest Therapy Association).

Current interests: create programs for GAP related to the Climate Crisis based on ODG and a consultancy in sustainable tourism

Charles Ope has always been interested on trees. From an early age he was fortunate enough to spend his holidays in a country house in England in a huge park, full of trees. He was alone, aged 9 and walked between huge oaks and beech. Since then the trees have had a special place in his heart.

When he came to Spain, he fell in love with his wilderness and especially his high mountain, where the trees were part of a very unique landscape.

Their work is devoted to developing environmental projects, based on behaviour in our schools, households and workplaces.

During a time of his life he felt that he lacked more connection with nature and particularly with trees.

Observing the destruction that trees suffered from pruning and the felling of pointless trees in a nearby park of their house, he decided to do something to defend these wonderful species that are so destitute. Every time he sees the destruction of a tree that "knows" he breaks his heart. Now he can and wants to do something to protect them, and that's why he's in Biotop Nature.


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