We activate emotion as a tool for conservation and environmental education. We defend Nature

Biotop nature uses emotion as a conservation tool because we believe that to achieve real changes we need to make them from the heart.

After a long tradition within the world of conservation, we have understood that in order to achieve ecological conversion we need more than technical solutions, and alarmist campaigns, whcich are necessary too..

To try to solve the problem of climate change, among others, we need to change many habits and ways of doing things, and this is only done if we do so with conviction.

There is a study which tells us that 50% of greenhouse emissions are dependent on individual decisions. Environmental problems therefore require behavioral solutions, as the professor of psychology at the University of Madrid, Antonio Corraliza, says.

That's why we work any of our activities focusing on emotions. The experiences that activate our emotions are transformers, and what we need, it's precisely real changes, transformation.

We have a planet with a Biodiversity and a very rich natural heritage, with a great intrinsic value, much greater than its material or economic value. We want to make you aware of these intangible, often ignored values, and we want to make you aware of the inherent rights of every living being, often neglected, if not violated.

Through our campaigns, we are approaching the fight to defend those causes which, because of their gravity and their great ignorance in our society, we believe deserve special attention.

Biotop Nature will function as an active platform for environmental campaigns as un umbrellas for different projects and initiatives of varied areas of work always related tot Nature.The campaigns can be about ecosystem, animal world, plant world, the human and its culture, and everything we can encompass within Nature.

The plant world will take on a great role as we think it is the most deprived part of the natural world and the one that most urgently needs our help, and above all it is the part of nature most needed by all to be able to live.

We will be promoting different campaigns, but we are open to receiving proposals from other initiatives, which under our management and supervision can be driven from our platform, and worked together in a team with other entities or persons.

We take the forest as the house where the rest of nature lives, so protecting the flora and the forest in general, we are indirectly protecting all life on this planet.

We want to work out different ways of action, including by offering transformative experiences such as the forest bath, by producing educational ,mainly on trees, by producing T-shirts with images and awareness messages, by offering talks and educational and awareness-raising formations, by organizing concentrations where to spread the protection of the rights of trees, or by denouncing plant maltreatment, by participating in social networks, radio stations, and magazines, and by acquiring a forest of interest to be able to protect it, and by making it Biotopnatura headquarters and the platform for the expansion of our message and our claim to the worthy life of plants and the protection of forests.

We want to achieve as much and as varied a public as possible. Those who can do most to improve this world are children because they will bild the future of our planet, entrepreneurs because they are a strong present,and they are the ones who with their decisions can have a great impact on the planet, and each and every one of the people on this planet because each one of our small acts is very important to create a better world .

We are looking for any help, either to make the voice of nature stronger and specifically the forest, so that we can fund our campaigns.

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We activate awareness and love for nature through emotions