Couples forest bathing

Forest Bathing couples

We offer an experience of connection as a couple, where we will strengthen the bonds:

  • The bonds between you, the members of the couple.
  • The bonds with the rest of nature.
  • The bonds with the deepest part of each of you.

This activity focused on the couple allows you to dedicate time to each other, take care of each other, listen to each other and talk to each other from the heart and feeling.

Nowadays, the fast life full of activity and stress that we lead makes difficult the relationship between people, being the couple a relationship very affected by the new model of life.

We need more than ever to look at our relationship to enhance the bond and contact. With the forest bath as a couple we want to provide you with tools and experiences that will nurture you as a couple.

This forest bath can be shared with other couples, a forest bath experience to be lived in intimacy. Just for the two of you.

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