Family forest bathing

Forest bathing families

We offer an experience to accompany families and their children of different ages to reconnect with nature and strengthen their bonds:

  • The links with the rest of nature.
  • The bonds between you.
  • The bonds with yourself.

This activity focused on families wants to recover the idea of tribe. Of belonging, of union.

We want to reclaim your instinct, our natural way of relating to and exploring the natural world, our ability to play and frolic without any goal to achieve.

Teaching adults and children to connect with their heart and senses. Empower the child that we all have inside us.

Find the connecting point between them all. The big ones will become small and the little ones a little adult, but without ever letting anyone connect with the inner child.

We want to give you a time without rush, without set tempos, without expectations, without goals, and above all, without technologies or screens.

We invite you to bring several families together for a more enriching experience.

As we offer a very personalized service, we need you to contact us to find out what you want and need so we can offer you an experience best adapted to your family and your children.