Forest bathing bussiness

Forest Bathing business world

This activity focused on the corporate world serves to connect its members through a moving experience that will make them leave their established roles, to explore other possibilities that nature will offer them.

Nature will be their work tool, reflecting in them a multitude of possibilities.

Nature will help us to find new relationship and work models and always doing it in a fun and non-conscious way, letting the different elements of nature inspire and help them, and accompanied by professionals who will help them get the maximum benefit from this experience.

There are a multitude of scientific studies that confirm how nature helps us increase our creativity, our inspiration, our well-being, our quality of sleep, improves our mood, helps us resolve conflicts, it enhances our much-needed intuition in decision-making, helps us lower our stress and anxiety, brings people closer together, frees us from tensions and many more benefits that a team can be very gratified by.

We want to reclaim your instinct, your natural way of relating to and exploring the natural world, your ability to play and frolic without any goal to achieve.

We want to give you a time without rush, without set tempos, without expectations, without goals, and above all, without technologies or screens.
Enjoying spaces without technologies is proving, more and more, that it is very necessary for good production and good functioning of our mind.

As we offer a very personalized service, we need you to contact us to find out what you want and need, so that we can offer you an experience best adapted to your team and the people who make it up.