School Programs:

We offer various School Programs suitable for different ages and courses, specialized in the plant world and trees in particular, and in the reconnection of children to nature. Our activities and workshops are developed with a new pedagogical vision focused on the power of emotions, sharing and respect ..

We work together on knowledge, environmental awareness, values, relationships, listening, being present ..., using nature itself as the main tool, taking classrooms outside and helping students discover their environment guided by professionals who will make them experience nature in a more sensory, conscious way, and at the rhythm of nature.

    We have four activities or workshops:.

    • Workshop: The secret of trees: Do trees feel? Do they speak? Are they smart? ...
    • We take care of a tree: We plant a tree together and we take care of it all year long.
    • Exit to the forest to do a forest bath: Plug into the forest! Disconnect to connect!
    • Circles to the forest to share, listen, respect, observe and create links in a gestalt way


In addition to the School Programs, Learn comprises, in its Training area, a whole series of Monographic Courses and Didactic Workshops related to different areas of knowledge of Nature, for all groups: children, adults , older people and other groups that need special attention.

  • Monographic Senses and communication of plants
  • Nature & Business Workshop
  • Workshop on Forest Baths
  • Gestalt therapeutic workshop
  • Nature & Council Workshop
  • Creating a tribe Workshop
  • Therapeutic gardening
We go into Nature, beyond knowledge