Retir Font del Pi


The final and deepest phase of the connection process we propose involves withdrawing from the world that surrounds us in our daily lives, to spend at least two days at our mountain refuge, Font del Pi.

It is an old water mill, the central house of a now non-existent village, which for a time became a hostel, and is currently a private refuge for a family that made it their life project.

It is a very simple and rustic house, with few services and few amenities, but with enormous charm and situated in an unparalleled location.

The retreat consists of spending a few days in this place, just as its villagers lived in the past, without electricity, without mobile coverage, with spring water, warming up by the fireplace, gathering firewood, and engaging in activities to connect with nature, interspersed with moments of silence, sharing in circles in nature or around a fire, laughter, and good homemade meals.


The program for this retreat is dictated by the nature of the place and the moment. We do not want to have a set script; instead, it is based on going with the flow and trusting what will happen, accepting that everything this sacred space brings us will be a great lesson.

We will take walks in the forest, share moments by the fire, practice active listening, connect with our fears and insecurities, step out of our comfort zone, discover our limits, create bonds, form a tribe, feel, watch the sunset, feel the cold of the mountain water, play with mud, gaze, draw, write, and do whatever we allow ourselves to do.

Ultimately, this retreat is a reconnection with our purest essence, our inner animal, our most primitive part. We will reconnect with our origins. It will be a return home.


Sleeping places in the refuge:  

Maximum 8 people. 

Minimum 6 people to be able to carry out the retreat. It can be fewer, but the price will be higher with fewer people. 

You must confirm attendance by making a reservation, filling out our registration form ( and making a payment of €50 per person via bank transfer to the account number: ES17 3025 0016 12 1400004419, using the concept: Connexió Arbres, and your full name, and then sending a payment receipt to our email.


We do not set any specific date, as our retreats operate on demand, based on a minimum number of people.

For more information, contact us by writing an email to:

We encourage you to enjoy this great and transformative experience.